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I dreamt a dream tonight

and dreamers often lie.

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I am Sey. I am twenty years old and I live in the United States. I am a college student and I am not romantically involved. I love to read and write, and I love to create. I love long, late-night phone calls and deep conversations. I like to sing at the top of my lungs. I like to ride with the car windows all the way down. I love history. I love Victorian literature. I read Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare for fun, half of my life is spent in the theatre, and I love who I am. I'm very straight forward, I'm very concise and I will speak my mind. I am passionate about my friends. I love meeting new people. I have big dreams and I'm not afraid of them.
AIM: of sequences | MSN: suddenlysey@live.com | skype: suddenlysey
email: so.suddenly.seymour[at]gmail.com

Major Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (books, movie, bbc series), Merlin, Narnia, Doctor Who (Classic and New), Shakespeare in Love, Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The Young Victoria... so many! Feel free to ask me!

My Soul: sepiamortis, varymydays, lauzziemarie and ireth.

90s music, adam pascal, alternate universes, america's next top model, anime, anita blake, anthony rapp, ash, ashes to ashes, astronomy, bare, batman, batman: the animated series, beatles, broadway musicals, brokeback mountain, carbon leaf, cats, classical music, comfy beds, cosplay, david tennant, death cab for cutie, deg, desire, detective conan, doctor who, documentaries, drawing, edxroy, ender's game, feeling electric, firefly, flats, fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal panic!, gambit, gmail, good omens, google, graviation, guitar, hakkaixsanzo, harry potter, heroes, hidenori tokuyama, historyslash, hitler slash, homosexuality, house md, ianto jones, im rp, inara, ingrid michaelson, inspiring music, inuyasha, jen, jesse spencer, john simm, juliana theory, kitty pryde, l'arc~en~ciel, laurell k hamilton, lauren, lestrade, life on mars, litslash, little miss sunshine, lolcats, lolcatz, lolz, long walks in parks, m/r, macros, mal reynolds, manga, markxroger, miyavi, miyazaki films, music, my dear marie, neil gaiman, neverwhere, omniscient third person, only the ringfinger knows, orson scott card, pbs documentaries, peter petrelli, photoshop, physics, piano, pillows, pj pants, poetry, rain, reefer madness, rent, river, robert chase, robert frost, robot chicken, role playing, rp, rping, sabretooth, saiyuki, sanzoxhakkai, scarves, second person, serenity, sherlock holmes, shinichixkaito, showers, simon, skittles, slash, slash wut, socks, spirited away, stars, stovie, sweeney todd, the academy is, the brig, the eighth doctor, the fifth doctor, the first doctor, the fourth doctor, the tenth doctor, the third doctor, the weepies, third person narrative, torchwood, trees, violin, watson, writing, x-men